Well Done!

Science Building project

The Spring Phonathon is in the books and we are so grateful to each one who helped to make it a success. Our sincere thanks to Angie Deal who served as Coordinator for the event. Great job, Angie! Thank you to the callers for rising to the challenge! Not the most fun job in the world, but you were willing and we are so grateful. And to our donors… what can we say? We could not have had a Phonathon without you! 🙂 Thank you so much for your giving! And a final shout-out to Beth Finney for recruiting some “outside” callers to assist in this effort. Thank you, Beth and recruits.

Fun facts

  • 13 people made phone calls (including 4 non-staff people)
  • approximately 335 people were called
  • approximately 155 pledges were made
  • $20,000+ was raised

Thank the Lord! Thank you!

Now, will you help us pray that the Lord will provide workteams to perform the necessary work on the Science Building?

The awesome gift of the siding and the funds raised in the Phonathon have provided us with much of the material we need to do the job. Now we need the labor.

(Are you interested or know someone who may be? Contact us.)

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