Summer Vacation Bible Schools

With our summer ministry team of 6 people, we headed off to minister to children at three different churches, teaching them God’s Word. Peggy Whisman headed up the team with her assistant, Rachel Schick. Mt. Carmel students and former students Arnaud, Gedeon, Shane, and Seif did a fantastic job helping with the children. What a blessing it was to be a part of the lives of the children who attended! Those of us who go to these churches year after year get to see these precious children grow.

We begin our evenings with pledges to the United States flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible, and we then go on to learn a Bible point and a Bible verse. This year, we taught our children that God is good! Each day, we touched on a different point: When life is unfair… God is good! When life is scary… God is good! When life changes… God is good! When life is sad… God is good! And when life is good… God is good!

We sang and danced with the children, leading them in songs such as, “To God Be the Glory,” “Good Good Father,” and “I Will Not Be Afraid.” Most of the children loved to sing and dance with the songs, especially our theme song, “I’m Trusting You.”

One day, Gedeon explained to the children what sin is and how it can harden our hearts, making our hearts to be like stone. Gedeon shared how our sin is a heavy burden in our lives. He also explained what repentance is and how we can turn from our sins, telling God we are sorry and choosing not to sin anymore. He told the children that God forgives us our sins if we truly repent.

It is so important that we teach our children God’s Word! It is the most important nutrient that they need to live. One day, a small group of children had a discussion concerning some things remembered from Genesis. What a blessing it was to hear them discuss the Word of God! And what a privilege it is to share it with them — the most important thing we could share!

VBS is a special time of the year. God blessed us yet again as we shared His truth to many children. To God be the glory! And may the seeds that have been planted grow into abounding fruit in their lives.

Many thanks to Rachel Schick for sharing this article with us.

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