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How are dorm rooms furnished?

Each dorm room holds two students. Dorm rooms are equipped with twin beds, dressers, student desks, a mirror, wastebasket, and window shades. Students are responsible for bringing their own bedding (sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets). Students may want to bring curtains but these are not required. Dorms are equipped with an iron and ironing board. Each dorm also has a kitchen area with a microwave and refrigerator. Students are responsible for bringing their own cooking utensils and dishes.

What do dorm students need to pack?

What To Bring:

  • Appropriate clothing for school, church, work, and casual wear.
  • Bathrobe
  • Laundry supplies (laundry basket, detergent, etc)
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, soap, shaving supplies, etc)
  • School supplies (notebook, paper, pen or pencil, calculator)

What NOT To Bring:

  • Inappropriate music, videos or video games (see student handbook for a description of movies, music and video games that pass.)
  • Inappropriate books or magazines
  • Fireworks, candles, incense, lighters, or matches
  • Weapons of any kind including switchblade knives, butterfly knives, and pocketknives that have a blade longer than three inches.
  • Electric hot plates, toaster ovens, any cooking equipment with a heating element
  • TV, VCR, DVD player, etc.
  • Cell phones, scanners, and other communication devices
  • I-pods or other MP3 players

Optional Items:

  • Computer
  • Food and snack items
  • Crockpots, slow cookers, etc.
  • Video game systems (These may be used only on weekends and only in the lounge area.)
  • Stereo, CD player, radio

Boarding students who fly into Lexington or Louisville will be given opportunities to shop for needed supplies before being brought to the school. This may be more economical than buying the necessary supplies at home and transporting them on the plane.

Are there sports?

Mt. Carmel School is a part of the Kentucky Christian School Athletic Association (KCSAA). We have a boys’ basketball team and a girls’ volley ball team and a co-ed soccer team.

What's the nearest airport?
What are the requirements for graduation?
  • Bible (Each student is required to take and pass Bible each year that they are attending Mt.Carmel)
  • Four credits of English
  • Two credits of the same foreign language or demonstrated competency in a foreign language.
  • Four Math credits – Algebra I, Plane Geometry, and Algebra II (higher level of Math may be substituted.) Every student must take a math course each year of high school.
  • Three Social Studies credits (American History, World Civilization + 1 additional Social Studies).
  • Three Science credits (Biology and either Chemistry or Physics + 1 additional Science).
  • One-half credit Health and one-half credit Physical Education.
  • One Fine Arts credit (Art, Chorus).
  • Electives:  students must take enough electives to complete 22 credits. Only two of these can be non-rigorous electives.
  • Seniors will be required to participate throughout the school year in at least two Elementary Chapels and assist the Elementary Faculty with the Spring revival.
  • Starting with the class of 2018, during the Spring Break of their Junior year, students will be required to go on a short-term missions trip. The class will be raising the funds to cover the cost.
Can students shop for what they need?

Our students have a chance to go to town every Saturday. There are grocery stores, fast food, a Christian book store, and a Wal-Mart in Jackson. If there is an immediate need to go to town during the week, it can be worked out with a dorm supervisor.

During the course of the semester, a special shopping trip to the Fayette Mall and Hamburg Plaza in Lexington is usually planned.

Can students' families come to visit?

The families of our students are important to us at Mt. Carmel School. We welcome families to come visit any time. We have limited guestrooms, so please call the office at 1-606-666-5008 to reserve a room.

Can boarding students go home on weekends?

Where feasible, students may go to their own homes for weekends. Permission must be obtained from the dorm monitor, not the office, to leave the campus. Those going home for the weekend may leave after school on Friday, and must return by 9:00 p.m. Sunday, unless permission is granted otherwise. Arrangements must be made with all concerned for any duties, such as work or class program practices, etc. On revival weekends students must return for the Sunday 6:30 p.m. service. When students are scheduled for practices, performances, etc. they should not plan to be gone on that weekend. Students are not given permission to spend weekends or vacations with other students without clearance from the office and written consent from both sets of parents. Written permission from the parent/guardian to the office is required for a student to be approved to travel home for a vacation/weekend in any car other than that of his/her parents or guardians.

What if a student gets sick?

Mt. Carmel School has a Registered Nurse living on the campus who tends to the day-to-day needs of our students. If a student needs to see a physician, one is ten minutes away in Jackson. Part of our application process provides parents/guardians information about giving over-the-counter medications to students.

How much does it cost to attend Mt. Carmel School?

View and download our complete list of Tuition and Fees.

How do I get more information about applying?

You may call us during office hours (8:30 to 3:00 EST) Monday through Friday at 1.606.666.5008 or send an email to admissions@mchs4u.com. Be sure to check out our Prospective Students page.