Our Philosophy

MT. CARMEL SCHOOL is a distinctive Christian holiness school (not charismatic) with a Wesleyan-Arminian interpretation of the Bible. We desire that our students obtain a born-again experience, and then as a Christian be cleansed from inbred sin by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We exist primarily to fulfill a divine responsibility to train our students to obey God in every area of life. We seek to fulfill this mission by providing an excellent academic, social, and spiritual program that will guide individual students in understanding, appreciating and applying God’s truths in their lives as revealed in His Word, the Bible, and in His world. Mt. Carmel School does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, or national origin.

OUR MISSION IS to partner with Christian families and churches to see students academically equipped & spiritually transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through Christian education.

MT. CARMEL SCHOOL expects the following of its graduates:

  1. To exhibit a Godly character as evidenced by the fruits of the Spirit.
  2. To possess a positive testimony and witness to a holy heart.
  3. To consistently practice spiritual disciplines.
  4. To view all aspects of life through the lens of a Christian worldview and to apply biblical principles to all areas of their lives.
  5. To demonstrate a drive to excel in the area in which God has both equipped and called them.
  6. To have developed an academic foundation that equips them for further education.
  7. To understand and be committed to their role as an integral part of the body of Christ.
  8. To be committed to the building of God’s kingdom and seeing the lives of others transformed.

What do we consider are the most important values that our school has?

  1. Our first priority is attending to and promoting spiritual life.
  2. God both expects and enables holiness of heart and life.
  3. A Christian worldview is an essential foundation for education.
  4. Christian stewardship requires the effective use of all that God has given us.
  5. As members of the body of Christ, Christians are to enjoy the privileges of and fulfill
    their responsibilities to the community of believers.
  6. Christians are called to be salt and light in the world which requires interacting with
    this present world while not being conformed to it.
  7. True education involves educating the whole person- soul, mind, and body.
  8. God created us to enjoy lives lived in fellowship with Him and with each other.