Travel Arrangements

  1. Confirm all airline flight information two weeks before your scheduled flight. Unless you state otherwise, all flights are assumed to be at the Lexington Bluegrass Airport. You will not be scheduled for pickup at the airport unless your flight is confirmed. Email the following information to the school:
    • Airline and flight number
    • Date and time of arrival
    • City the flight is from
  2. Bring the following phone numbers with you in case you need to contact the school during your trip. You are responsible for notifying the school if your plans change during the trip. Please call as soon as possible to let us know if your flight is delayed or cancelled.
    • School number: 606-666-5008
      – Girls’ dorm:  155
      – Boys’ dorm:  350
  3. Wait at the airport until someone arrives to pick you up. You may need to wait at the airport until other flights arrive. Students should wait near the baggage claim area.
  4. Students should try their best to arrange arrivals/departures during normal business hours. Students arriving or departing from Lexington before 9:00 am or after 10:00 pm will be charged an extra $25. These charges will not apply if the student’s flight is cancelled or delayed by the airline.
  5. Students who miss school due to late arrivals or early departures will be charged $25 per day of school missed.
  6. A signed permission letter from a parent (not an email) must be provided if a student wishes to arrange for transportation to the airport with someone other than the school or a family member.