Spiritual Life

CHAPEL AND CHURCH ATTENDANCE: Each student is required to attend Chapel on school days. Boarding students and day students on campus must attend the Sunday services, including Sunday School.

DORM PRAYER MEETINGS: These are held once per week. All students are to attend these prayer meetings.

SPECIAL SERVICES: One week each semester we have revival services for the purpose of focusing on our personal relationship with Christ and learning better how to walk with Him.

DISCIPLING: Voluntary discipling classes are offered by Mt. Carmel School staff. These are designed to teach the basics of walking with God and include accountability.

COUNSELING: There are Christian counselors available to both boys and girls.

ENSEMBLE: Ensemble, as well as other single events that happen throughout the year, is designed to be an outreach.

SUNDAY OBSERVANCE: Sunday is a holy day and should be a day that is set apart from ordinary tasks. Sundays should be characterized by worship and other activities that benefit spiritual life. The following guidelines have been established in order to promote observance of Sunday as our Sabbath Day.

  • The gym, ball courts, and ball fields (softball and soccer) are closed on Sunday. No organized team sports are allowed.
  • Video games and videos (other than Christian videos) are not to be used on Sundays.
  • Students are not to do laundry or study on Sundays.
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