Day Students

Any time an off-campus student is on campus or is participating in a school or class-sponsored activity, he or she is under full school regulations. This includes programs, etc.

Day students who arrive at school before 7:50 are to wait in the dining hall until students are dismissed for first period.


The riding of a school bus/van is a privilege that is conditioned on the behavior and the observance of rules and regulations for riders. Students who violate these rules are subject to acts of discipline. Once a student has been denied the right to ride a school vehicle, the parents must come to the school and discuss the problem before their child is allowed to ride the bus/van again. Repeated violations can cause the permanent loss of riding privileges.

It should be understood that the driver has the authority to assign seats on the bus. This may be used as a matter of discipline, as a means of checking attendance or as a means of checking seat damage. No reasons need to be given by the bus driver.

The following rules, for the most part, have been mandated by the State Board of Education as safety measures for school vehicles.

Students shall:

  1. Occupy any seat assigned by the driver.
  2. Be on time; the driver will not be asked to wait while you eat or get ready.
  3. Honor any request made by the driver.
  4. Keep head and arms inside the school bus/van at all times.
  5. Not cause any damage to the interior of the bus/van.
  6. Leave the bus only at home or at school except by written permission to do otherwise.
  7. Cross the road in front of the bus/van only.
  8. Not throw any object on the bus/van at any time.
  9. Show respect for others along the route at all times.
  10. Form a single line without pushing or crowding when loading/unloading.
  11. Not participate in horseplay, wrestling or fighting on the bus/van.
  12. Not be changing seats while the bus/ van is in motion unless told to do so by the driver.
  13. Stop all talking and other noise when approaching a railroad crossing.
  14. Not disturb private property while waiting for the bus/van.
  15. Move away from the bus/van after unloading.
  16. Not exit from the rear (emergency) door except in the case of an emergency.
  17. Keep their feet on the floor.
  18. Keep all bulky objects in their possession or in areas assigned by the driver.
  19. Wait until the bus/van stops before moving forward to load.
  20. Report any observed damage to the vehicle.
  21. Show respect for smaller children.
  22. Not consume food or drink on the bus/van without permission from the driver.
  23. Not use any vulgar or profane language or gestures while being transported to or from school.
  24. High school boys and girls are not to sit together on the bus/van unless related.
  25. All students are responsible to the rules and regulations of Mt. Carmel School upon boarding the bus/van.
  26. Campus/dorm students are not to accompany day students to the bus/van area.


Day students who drive their own cars to school are not to leave campus until the school day is finished unless permission is obtained from the office. Girls’ cars are to be parked by the dining hall, and boys’ cars should be parked by the boys’ dorm or on their side of the chapel. Cars are to remain there throughout the school day. Students are not to transport other students other than their own brothers and sisters unless permission is in writing in the office (obtain proper form from the Principal). Boarding students are never to ride with other students. The students may lose driving privileges if rules are abused.

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