Dorm Life

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BOARDING STUDENTS are housed in the school dormitories. Students share a dorm room with a roommate.

In addition, dorms contain a lounge and kitchen area for students. They have access to a refrigerator, microwave, and sink. The lounge area contains a TV and DVD player that students may use to watch movies on the weekends.

Each student is assigned a twin bed, desk, closet, and dresser for their rooms. The rooms also contain a mirror and wastebasket. Rooms come with blinds to cover the window. Students may bring curtains if they want. The student is responsible for providing his bedding (pillow, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, etc).

Students may bring computers. However, computers cannot be kept in the dorm room. Laptops are kept by the dorm parent and the student can retrieve them when they need to use them. Students may bring video game systems (Nintendo, X-box, etc). These are kept by the dorm parent and can only be used on weekends. All games must be approved by the dorm parent. Students cannot have MP3 players or cell phones in the dorm. The student may travel to and from school with these devices, but they will have to be turned in to the dorm supervisor while the student is at school. Students may bring CD players. All music must be approved by the dorm supervisor.

Dorms are equipped with phones. Students may use the phones to call out and parents/friends may call the student as well. Students will need a calling card for long-distance or international calls, or use their personal cell phone. These personal, long-distance international calls cannot be charged to the school.

Dormitories are equipped with laundry facilities (washers and driers). These are provided at not cost to the student. Students are responsible for doing their own laundry. They must provide their own laundry detergent and supplies.

Students are expected to keep their rooms clean and neat. They are also assigned to clean a general area of the dorm (lounges, bathroom, hallways, etc). Cleaning supplies are provided by the school.

Meals (breakfast, lunch, supper) are provided for the student in the school Dining Hall. Students are required to attend breakfast and lunch on school days. A kitchen area with a microwave, sink, and refrigerator is provided in each dorm so that students may cook if they want to. Students may bring cooking utensils such as rice cookers and crockpots. They may not bring toaster ovens, electric skillets or similar items. Students are responsible for providing their own dishes if they cook in the dorm.

Purchasing Supplies

Many students wait to purchase dorm and school supplies when they arrive in the United States. Students will be given the opportunity to shop for supplies when they are picked up at the airport. Students also have the opportunity to shop at local stores on Saturdays. Students may also order items over the internet and have them delivered to the school.