Dorm Life

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MCS provides a twin bed, dresser, desk, closet, and dorm refrigerator in dorm rooms.  Each dormitory also provides community toilets, sinks, and showers in addition to a community laundry area with washers and dryers. Students are responsible for their individual toiletries and laundry supplies.  Each dorm provides community space for relaxing, visiting, and exercise. Students clean their own rooms and public areas of the dorm daily. Students are responsible for their own belongings, the appearance of their room, and their dorm furnishings. Be a good steward of your own personal belongings and do not leave them lying around campus.  Take responsibility for keeping our campus clean by picking up your own trash and putting it into the proper containers on campus.  Fines for damage to rooms and the dorm will be charged to the student’s account. 

MCS is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen belongings or monies. Students are encouraged to be careful when considering what to bring to school. Some electrical appliances, such as fans, alarm clocks and lamps may be used in the dorm. Electric heaters, coffee pots, hot pots, cooking appliances and electric blankets are not allowed in student rooms.  

It is important to remember that some rules are stricter than the rules of a typical home.  This is necessary due to the communal nature of living in a dormitory and sharing space.  Some regulations and guidelines may be based solely on the needs of community dwelling rather than the needs of an individual. 

Since the rules at MCS are different than in many homes, parents are encouraged to discuss questions with the dean of students regarding the rationale behind specific rules.

Students may use the school phones or computers with webcams to place calls to parents / friends.

Meals are provided for the student in the school Dining Hall. Students are required to attend breakfast and lunch on school days. Occasionally the dorm parents can arrange with the food services director to use the kitchen so that students may cook.

what to bring


– Bible 

– Alarm clock 

– Calling cards for phone calls (national and international) 

– Twin size bed set (mattress cover, sheets, pillowcase, blankets, pillow) 

– School clothes to last for 1 week 

– Work clothes and shoes / boots 

– Athletic / play clothes and shoes 

– Church clothes and shoes 

– Rain coat, Jacket 

– Winter coat and gloves 

– Laundry detergent 

– Laundry softener 

 – Hangers for clothes 

– Washcloths 

– Bath towels 

– Bath robe 

– Soap / Body Wash 

– Shampoo 

– Conditioner 

– Toothbrush 

– Toothpaste 

– Deodorant 

– Comb, Brush, etc.. . 

– Backpack 

– Pencils / Pens 

– Notebooks 

– Folders 

– Calculator 

– Waste basket 

– Laundry bag, basket or hamper 


– Journal for personal devotions / sermon notes 

– Lamp for desk in dorm 

– Area rug 

– Hiking boots 

– Wristwatch (must comply with MCS device policy, no smart watches) 

– Snack food

Purchasing Supplies

Many students wait to purchase dorm and school supplies when they arrive in the United States. Students will be given the opportunity to shop for supplies when they are picked up at the airport. Students also have the opportunity to shop at local stores on Saturdays. Students may also order items over the internet and have them delivered to the school.