2017 Summer Projects

Message from Dave Munson, Headmaster

re-roofing the Paulo houseSUMMER IS IN FULL SWING here at Mt. Carmel. There are many things to get done before another school year begins. We hope before school begins in the fall to have a new internet café up and running, a new playground for the elementary school, another updated classroom for the high school, some new office spaces (at least three), a thousand to fifteen hundred feet of new water mains, fiber optic cable run to four buildings, an additional update to our fire alarm system, and some improvements made on staff housing. These things are in addition to the normal cleaning, waxing floors, and painting that happen every summer. I want to praise the Lord for the funding that is on hand to do the internet café, all the money is pledged for the elementary playground, funding is complete for the new offices and the fiber optic cable, and some of the money is raised for staff housing. God is so good to meet our needs.

To do all the work will require many hands. Praise God for four work teams that have scheduled already. We could really use some more. Maybe you would like to come and help for a day or for a week, or perhaps you would like to bring some friends with you. Please contact us ahead of time, and we will be sure to have something for you to do.

Perhaps you cannot come and help, but you would like to support these projects. Here are some estimates for costs:

Updating classroom $10,000
Water mains (most of the material is already purchased) $1,000
Fire alarm update $10,000
Staff housing $9,000

work team setting conduitWhatever you can give to help with these projects is deeply appreciated. While we need to fund these projects, we also need some help with the general fund. The decline in enrollment last year left us a little short on the general fund.

If you cannot give or come and help, we need prayer warriors to stand in the gap for us and trust God to meet our needs. Prayer accomplishes great things because it brings God to the point of our need, and it brings us to God’s viewpoint. Holding our people and our needs up before God is the greatest thing that you can do for us.

How does God want you to be involved? I don’t know, but He does. Will you ask Him what He wants you to do and then do it? If you do, I am sure that God will bless you for your obedience, and I am sure that He will meet our needs. Thank you in advance for responding.



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