THESE ARE PROJECTS presented in our Options for Giving catalog.

This is a great opportunity for you to give toward a specific need and know exactly how your funds are being used. These are real, practical needs that you can feel good about supporting.

Options for Giving catalog

MANY OF OUR school families do not have the means to pay their entire school bill.  While we do require every family to pay something, there is a large amount of tuition that is unpaid.

Your gift of $200 would pay one month tuition for an elementary or high school student. If you or your church would like to sponsor a particular student, please contact us.

A gift of $1,800 will pay an entire school year’s tuition for a student (elementary or high school) who desires a Christian education and cannot afford to pay.

THE FACULTY AND STAFF at Mt. Carmel serve on a volunteer basis and are responsible for raising their own support.

They are provided with housing and can get their meals in the dining hall. But as you know, there are many other expenses involved in managing a household: insurance, personal items, clothing, medications, gasoline, and more. We have questioned our staff and have determined that an average monthly income of $500 would sustain a full-time staff member.

Endowment Funds

WHAT IS AN endowment fund? It is an investment fund established by an organization that makes consistent withdrawals from the interest of invested capital. The interest from endowed funds is generally utilized for specific needs or to further a company’s operating process.

Giving to an endowment fund will help to ensure Mt. Carmel School is a viable ministry in the future.


Interest earned from general endowment funds will assist the school with general operating expenses.


Interest earned from endowed scholarships will go to assist a financially needy student with tuition assistance. If one wishes to name a scholarship, it must be a minimum gift of $2,500.


Interest earned from endowed personnel support will provide Mt. Carmel School employees with much needed financial assistance. These funds will be appropriated on an as-needed basis.

For more information about supporting Mt. Carmel through Endowment Funds, please contact our Development Office at or at +1.606.666.5008 x128.

Sponsor the Sports Program or an Athlete

ARE YOU A sports enthusiast? Have you wished Mt. Carmel had a bigger, better sports program? Well, here’s your opportunity to help make it happen.

We have an option for businesses who would be willing to invest $500 in our sports program in exchange for public advertising space in our gym. For details, please contact us.

We also have an option for individuals who would sponsor an athlete for the school year. A gift of $175 will cover the costs of a uniform, league fees, and a share of transportation expenses for one student.

Feed a Student Lunch for a Week

AT MT. CARMEL, THE NOON MEAL (lunch) is the main meal of the day. All of our students (including day students) and most of the faculty and staff eat lunch in the dining hall on school days.

The approximate cost to provide this lunch meal is $3.00 per student per day. Would you like to provide lunch for a student for a week? It would be a great help and costs only $15.00!

Upgrade a Classroom

TECHNOLOGY IS LEAVING US in the dust. Chalk dust, that is. The best educational resources are now being provided in a digital format. And we need the hardware to deliver that content to our students.

We estimate that it will cost $2,500 to bring one classroom up to quality education technology standards. This would include an instructor’s computer, projector, whiteboards, software, and interactive technology.

Help Provide Transportation

PARENTS ENTRUST US with their children to keep them safe. That’s a responsibility we take seriously. And it includes safe, reliable transportation for our students.

Mt. Carmel School is in need of a 15-passenger van. Your gift toward this and other needed vehicles would help produce a much-needed upgrade to our vehicle fleet. You may give any amount of your choosing. You may also consider donating your used vehicle. We can use trucks, cars, minivans, and especially large capacity passenger vehicles (vans, small buses). Contact us for more information.

Equip a Teacher

DO YOU KNOW how much “stuff” a teacher needs? Let’s see.

There’s paper (all sorts), pencils, pens, markers, bulletin boards, flash cards, notebooks, glue/paste, posters, stapler, paper clips, erasers, reference books, software, and learning aids. And bulletins boards! As you know, the cost of these items can add up fast. Your gift of $250/year would go a long way in providing new and improved teaching materials for a teacher. (Did we mention bulletin boards?)

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