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MT. CARMEL SCHOOL is always on the move, trying to improve the quality of our campus, our facilities, and our education programs. Your financial assistance is very much appreciated! 

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PLEASE READ our January letter to learn about our pressing financial need to finish out the school year. Then prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do to help. You may want to print the letter and mail in the reply card with your check. Or you may want to give online. Either option is fine. If you give online (below), be sure to indicate in the Comments area how you want your donation to be used (General Budget, New Staff Housing, or Appalachian Education Endowment). Thank you!

AS IN ANY growing organization, unplanned needs pop up when we least expect them.

It happens in your household too. Water pipes burst. The refrigerator quits working. The car breaks down. The project runs over budget. Didn’t plan on that, did we?

Thank you for giving us the freedom to use your gift where it is most needed. Your generosity helps us meet these crises.

Dear friend of Mt. Carmel School,

God answers prayer! We have had multiple opportunities to experience that very truth. What should God’s people do when a global crisis creates chaos among His people? They should continue to depend on God. That is exactly what the faculty and staff did during the months of the government shutdown. In response, God blessed Mt. Carmel School. We have had no COVID cases on our campus. Thank the Lord!

Just recently, the Lord spoke to Mark Hafner’s heart to speak to the youth at Ridge Chapel. The Lord gave him a message that explained the value of going to a Christian school. Mt. Carmel’s VBS team had visited this church the week before. Soon after Mr. Hafner’s visit, Pastor Brian Rauschenberger (Mt. Carmel’s new pastor) held revival services. These meetings had a heavy influence on the church, especially the youth.

Sometimes we wish we could say we planned it that way, but that would be a lie. It was God’s schedule and because we listened, He blessed us with five new students from Ridge Chapel, and we just found out another girl is interested. Praise God! Mt. Carmel School was established for the children of the hills of Eastern Kentucky and now we are seeing God reopening the door. What are you doing during this global crisis? Let’s praise God together for what He is doing here and what He plans to do in the future.

God has answered prayer in sending new staff. For ten years or more, prayer has been made that God would open the doors and allow us to meet our promises and have a community church here at Mt. Carmel School. God has graciously provided by sending Rev. Brian Rauschenberger and his lovely wife, Jamie. We also prayed for help in student life. Praise God, we have welcomed Donald and Sara Hoff to our campus as dorm parents for our young men. We also praise God for energy and funds to do some campus improvements. The interior of our dining hall received a new paint job complete with some new décor. We have been working to update our classrooms and this past summer we were able to finish S-2, one of our classrooms, to the point of being able to use it. We were also able to add some new décor to our chapel. These things help lift the school spirit.

Over the last several years, due to the age and needs of our campus, several serious improvement projects have been begun and not finished. We are doing our best to focus on these things before beginning something new. Sometimes that is not always possible due to current needs. However, we are working diligently to complete started projects. Thank God for work teams coming to help us out. If you are interested in helping, we would love to talk to you.

Returning to our original story, I want to express our critical need for your continued partnership with us. Our students from Ridge Chapel are dependent on outside support. We are depending on the church to assess and determine the need. They are working to raise funds and we are coming alongside them to assist in that effort. This is not an uncommon circumstance in our world today. Currently, there are 31 students who receive financial assistance from us. We do our best to accurately assess needs and act accordingly. We depend on friends and partners like you to come alongside us and help make up the deficit.

COVID has had a large impact on our enrollment due to the travel restrictions imposed. While we accepted several new international students for school this fall, none were able to come because they could not get their student visas. We do not know how many others did not even try because they did not think it possible. The short of the story is that we are down about $80,000 of generally expected student income from international students. This has a significant impact on our general budget. Your partnership and financial support is urgently needed now so we can continue to be effective in the ministry to which we are called.

Finally, would you join us in prayer for revival in our church and our community? We are seeing the “mercy drops” falling around us, but we are pleading for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in revival fires across our beloved eastern Kentucky, the United States, and around the world.

In the service of the King,
David C. Munson, Headmaster

(Please indicate in the Comments field below whether you want your donation to go to Tuition Assistance or to General Fund. Thank you.)

MRS. AGNES PEARL CREED NEIHOF served at Mt. Carmel for 54 years, from 1959 to 2003. A woman of grace and dignity, her presence in a room inspired us to a higher standard. Mrs. Neihof respected others and received respect. She was efficient as a homemaker, hostess, dorm parent, teacher, principal, and office worker.

In the early 1960s, grades 1-3 were held in the basement where Dr. and Mrs. Paulo lived, the house that he built. Some maintenance work has been done on the Paulo house over the years, but it has not had a serious renovation. It is time to do that now. Our current elementary principal, Peggy Whisman, and her daughter are currently living in the house. We have done a complete makeover in the kitchen, replaced the roof, and installed new windows on the main floor.

In memory of Mrs. Agnes Neihof, we would like to raise $25,000 to finish renovating the house for Ms. Whisman. This would include new siding, facia, gutters, new central heat and air, making a master bedroom with a new and larger bathroom, replacing the basement windows, and finishing the basement with a laundry area, family area, two small bedrooms, and a bathroom. Praise the Lord that $5,000 has already been pledged for the exterior portion.

The Paulo family has agreed that it would be good to honor Mrs. Neihof by remodeling the house and adding her name to it. The house would be the Paulo / Agnes Neihof Memorial Cottage. We think it is appropriate to do this remodel for the current elementary principal since the home has a history of service to the elementary school.

MOST OF OUR local students and some of our international students receive some form of financial assistance.

This may be in the form of work or funded scholarships, but this year about $85,000 is unfunded.

If you or your church are interested in personally sponsoring a student, there are eight students who need full sponsorship. With $3,200 you can fully sponsor a child with tuition, transportation, and food.

THE FACULTY AND STAFF at Mt. Carmel serve on a volunteer basis and are responsible for raising their own support.

They are provided with housing and can get their meals in the dining hall. But as you know, there are many other expenses involved in managing a household: insurance, personal items, clothing, medications, gasoline, and more.

WHAT IS AN endowment fund? It is an investment fund established by an organization that makes consistent withdrawals from the interest of invested capital. The interest from endowed funds is generally utilized for specific needs or to further a company’s operating process.

Giving to an endowment fund will help to ensure Mt. Carmel School is a viable ministry in the future.

Interest earned from general endowment funds will assist the school with general operating expenses.

Interest earned from endowed scholarships will go to assist a financially needy student with tuition assistance. If one wishes to name a scholarship, it must be a minimum gift of $2,500.

Interest earned from endowed personnel support will provide Mt. Carmel School employees with much needed financial assistance. These funds will be appropriated on an as-needed basis.

For more information about supporting Mt. Carmel through Endowment Funds, please contact our Development Office at or at +1.606.666.5008.

AT MT. CARMEL SCHOOL, THE NOON MEAL (lunch) is the main meal of the day. All of our students (including day students) and most of the faculty and staff eat lunch in the dining hall on school days.

The approximate cost to provide this lunch meal is $3.00 per student per day. Would you like to provide lunch for a student for a week? It would be a great help and costs only $15.00!

ARE YOU A sports enthusiast? Have you wished Mt. Carmel had a bigger, better sports program? Well, here’s your opportunity to help make it happen.

We have an option for businesses who would be willing to invest $500 in our sports program in exchange for public advertising space in our gym. For details, please contact us.

We also have an option for individuals who would sponsor an athlete for the school year. A gift of $175 will cover the costs of a uniform, league fees, and a share of transportation expenses for one student.

PARENTS ENTRUST US with their children to keep them safe. That’s a responsibility we take seriously. And it includes safe, reliable transportation for our students.

Mt. Carmel School is in need of a 15-passenger van. Your gift toward this and other needed vehicles would help produce a much-needed upgrade to our vehicle fleet. You may give any amount of your choosing. You may also consider donating your used vehicle. We can use trucks, cars, minivans, and especially large capacity passenger vehicles (vans, small buses). Contact us for more information.

DO YOU KNOW how much “stuff” a teacher needs? Let’s see.

There’s paper (all sorts), pencils, pens, markers, bulletin boards, flash cards, notebooks, glue/paste, posters, stapler, paper clips, erasers, reference books, software, and learning aids. And bulletins boards! As you know, the cost of these items can add up fast. Your gift of $250/year would go a long way in providing new and improved teaching materials for a teacher. (Did we mention bulletin boards?)

You’ve got options!

You can give online below using any major credit card or debit card, or you can mail your check payable to Mt. Carmel School to:

Mt. Carmel School
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If you mail us a check, be sure to indicate the project/fund your gift is for.

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