Kitchen Renovation

NEXT TO THE CHAPEL (McConnell Auditorium), the Dining Hall is probably the favorite building on campus. After all, everybody uses it. Every day. And lots of great memories are made there.

Some of our former students have commented that the kitchen looks exactly like it did when they were in school 40 years ago. And they are right! Some things were starting to fall apart. But as you know, kitchen renovations are expensive.

Our hand was forced when the health inspector told us in May that we had to have a new floor in the kitchen before the new school year started. Scheduling was tricky, as both FSA Day and Mt. Carmel Camp Meeting require use of the Dining Hall, so we planned to replace the floor right after Camp Meeting. We set aside $10,000 for the task.

A work team from Redeemer United Methodist Church in Michigan did a fantastic job of tearing out rotten flooring and some rot in one of the walls, of shoring up the framing with steel plates, and of replacing the subfloor in some places and bringing all the floor to a point of readiness to install the floor. Thank you, team!

To meet specifications, we learned that we needed to pass not only the health inspector’s criteria but also the state plumbing inspector’s criteria.  We knew that this meant having to hire a licensed plumber which would add to the cost.  Our $10,000 would not be enough.  An additional $2,525 has come in to help with this added cost.

In disassembling our kitchen, we realized that there were changes that needed to be made:

  • The grill was partially blocked by the kitchen cabinets.
  • The “dirty section” of the kitchen was in the middle of the prep area.
  • We needed a mop sink.
  • The main kitchen oven was not vented correctly.
  • The electrical system was not up to code.

The plumbing inspector told us of other changes that needed to be made:

  • We required a three-tub sink rather than a two-tub sink and that sink had to be set against some sort of pony wall.
  • We required a separate hand washing sink.
  • Our plumbing was not vented correctly, and we would need additional vents.

In addition, when we took some of the kitchen work spaces out of the kitchen to do the floor, we realized that they were really in bad shape (i.e., cabinets falling apart when they were moved), so we decided that some needed replaced.

As you can tell, all of this adds up to money we were not planning on spending, but necessary to do.

Our $12,525 did not go far enough. But we could not operate without a kitchen, so we have kept on going.  However, it is important for us to raise the funds to pay for this essential project.  Our Headmaster has made a personal pledge of $500 to help pay for this project, and we are looking for 25 more people to make such a pledge.  If you cannot afford to give $500 to match his gift, we will be happy with any help you can afford.  We know God wants to meet this need.  Thank you for prayerfully considering what God would have you give.

You may give safely and easily online using the button below, or you may mail your check to:

Mt. Carmel School
75 Mill Creek Lawson Rd
Jackson KY 41339

If sending a check, be sure to write “Kitchen” in the memo line.

Thank you!

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