This past week, Mt. Carmel celebrated our annual Day of Thanksgiving. It started with our Headmaster issuing an official “Proclamation of Thanksgiving,” reminding us that we are always responsible for returning thanks to our Maker. A full feast was enjoyed by staff, students, and friends of Mt. Carmel. Even with extra tables, our dining hall was packed, with late comers scrounging for seating.

After lunch, our high school participated in a formal exercise of thanksgiving. How glorious to hear our students returning thanks to God! So many students wished to take this time for returning thanks, that the time allotted (over an hour) was up before the testimonies of thanksgiving were through!

Many of the students offered praise for the life-transforming work that God has done over the last semester.

One of the most beautiful testimonies came from a freshman girl. This is her second year here at Mt. Carmel. She said simply, “I was a slave to sin, but now I’m free.” Her life has lived out this testimony. Praise the Lord! How grateful we are that God allows us to be a part of His work.

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